Erectile Dysfunction

How to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

In some cases, erectile dysfunction disorder is psychological. Men can have problems obtaining an erection when they are with new partners, or whenever they feel anxiety about the need to please their partners. In these instances, men often ask for help with erectile dysfunction, but they are asking the wrong questions.

When men need help for erectile dysfunction, they will ask their therapists to show them how to obtain an erection. They ask for steps they can take to become erect. Then, they ask how they can maintain the erection. However, this is the wrong approach when there is no illness preventing him from becoming erect. What these men learn is that an erection is a reflex and that it will happen when they become aroused.

Performance Anxiety and Erectile Dysfunction

What these men need to learn about erectile dysfunction is that is occurs when they begin to experience performance anxiety. To combat this anxiety, men who enter into therapy with their partners will first perform activities that do not require that they become erect. These exercises do not focus on the genitals at all. After a couple of sessions, the couple can graduate to engaging the male genital area.

In the next sessions, the partner is allowed to stroke the male until he has an erection, but this erection is allowed to dissipate. She repeats the action again, and the erection dissipates a second time. The man knows that he does not have to perform, so he does not need to experience any anxiety. He also learns something very important about erectile dysfunction. He learns that it is possible to have an erection in the future even if he has lost one in the past. .

Lastly, the male and the female can work together to maintain an erection for a longer period of time without engaging in intercourse. After about 10 days of treatment, the couple can begin to engage in sexual intercourse. If the male loses his erection, the couple just tries again. Once they can complete the action and reach orgasm, the man is said to be cured of his erectile dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction with Organic Causes

In some cases, men have biological disorders that are preventing them from obtaining an erection. The therapy described above would not help these men, so they may require vascular surgery that helps to open the blood vessels. Men also have several medications that they can try to help with erectile dysfunction, including Viagra, Cialis and Levitra.