Sexual Health

Sexual Health

All About Sexual Health

Society, as a whole, knows the importance of maintaining personal health. As certain diseases have become more prevalent, doctors have become more vigilant in their efforts to educate the public about healthier choices. While sexual health is a vital dimension of personal health, it is not always given the attention it deserves. In order for people to live truly healthy lifestyles, they must become sexually healthy.

Physical Sexual Health

The most well-known dimension sexual health is the physical aspect. This particular part focuses on the development of the human body, sexual arousal, reproduction and contraception.

As children edge closer to adulthood, their bodies begin an internal process that will prepare them for that time. Hormonal changes will initiate the development of mature sex organs in males and females. As their bodies are preparing for reproduction, their hormones begin to respond to sexual stimuli. At the end of this process, people are sexually mature beings with the desire and ability to engage in sexual intercourse.

As sexually mature adults reach middle age, their hormone levels begin to decline and may impact their ability or desire to engage in sexual intercourse. Women going through menopause will experience a myriad of changes that will affect their sexual experience. While men won’t go through such a dramatic change, the inevitable decrease in testosterone may lead to erectile dysfunction for some.

While sexually mature beings are capable of engaging in sexual behavior, there are dangers associated with it when people behave irresponsibly. Reliable contraceptives are essential in preventing unplanned pregnancies and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

Mental/Emotional Sexual Health

Sexual health cannot exist without a strong emotional foundation. In relation to sex, personal and religious beliefs are the determining factors that influence individual attitudes. Sexual health is dependent upon a person’s ability to either accept or challenge these beliefs. This new knowledge will equip them with the ability to make informed and responsible decisions.

A person who’s in touch with his or her emotions will have the confidence to effectively communicate with future partners. Both individuals will be able to express their wants and needs without the fear of being judged.

Social Sexual Health

The social aspect of sexual health involves individual communities and cultural customs. Each community may have its own social mores that regulate acceptable forms of sexual expression. Aside from overt sexual behaviors, a person’s clothing choices and social idiosyncrasies are placed under scrutiny.

The people in each community determine how much access people have to sexual health information and tools. While some communities encourage their members to learn all that they can, others seek to limit access to sexual health information and contraceptives.

Humans always have and always will be sexual beings. In order for them to truly enjoy this aspect of themselves, they must do all that they can to become healthy in all aspects of their sexuality.