How to Seek Help

Seeking Help

Steps for Getting Help When You Are Struggling With Addiction

Beating any addiction and changing your behavior is a process that takes time and determination. It is not something that can be done overnight. You have to know how to approach treatment and recovery to be successful. You can take a few steps to get help when struggling with addiction.

Start By Wanting To Get Help
The very first step is realize that you have a problem with addiction. You must accept that you need and want help. If you do not do this first, then any type of treatment is going to be ineffective. You might end up resenting the recovery process or constantly thinking that you can continue the addictive behavior even while in treatment. Recognize the problem and decide to start getting help.

Talking To Trusted Family Members and Loved Ones
The next step is to reach out to trusted family members and loved ones. You want to let these people know that you have a problem and are seeking help. They will provide you with motivation and emotional support. They might even help you in other ways such as checking in to make sure you have not relapsed. A support network of friends and family members can make a real difference in your short and long-term recovery.

Try Local Support and Recovery Groups for Addicts
You now want to find local support groups for people who are dealing with the same type of addiction as you. Usually there are many different free groups meeting one or more times a week depending on your area. These sessions can introduce you to other people who have overcome the addiction. You can learn different techniques to avoid your addictive behaviors. Attending the groups regularly gives you a strong reason to not relapse or give up.

Go To A Detox Center If Necessary
If your addiction is to drugs or alcohol, then you might experience withdrawal when you first stop using the substance. Withdrawal can actually be dangerous. If you start experiencing withdrawal symptoms like an irregular heartbeat or convulsions, then go to a detox center. These centers will give you medical supervision to keep you safe until the withdrawal symptoms have passed.

Consider Inpatient Treatment If Nothing Else Works
A final step is to consider inpatient treatment if nothing else works. Inpatient treatment centers allow you to live within the facility while you go through therapy and counseling. The environment is safe and comfortable. It also keeps you away from negative influences and places that could spark your addiction again. An inpatient treatment center can help you to change and overcome the addiction.