Heartburn Relief

Heartburn Relief

Put Out That Heartburn

One of the worst feelings after finishing up a delicious meal is the slow creep of acid coming up from your stomach to haunt you for the rest of the day. This is an incredibly uncomfortable feeling, and it can make eating for the rest of the day an annoyance. While there are many different ways out there to achieve heartburn relief, there are definitely some that work better than others.

The best way to provide heartburn relief is to prevent it from ever happening. One way to do this is to look into over the counter medicines that you can take before you start your day. This is for people with a serious condition. These types of medicines do not work once you already have heart burn, so it is important that you remember to take it each day when you wake up, or when you are going to be eating foods that you know are going to irritate your system.

Antacids like TUMS are great for when you are either surprised by the heart burn, or you forgot to take your medicine in time to prevent the acid reflux. The calcium in these types of medicines helps to relieve the symptoms of heartburn so that you aren’t miserable throughout the rest of your day. They come in a lot of different flavors, so just pick the one that works the best for you and move forward with it.

Although many people turn to milk to help reduce their heartburn since it contains calcium, doctors do not recommend that people drink milk to help with their symptoms. While milk does temporarily soothe heartburn, your stomach produces more acid while digesting the milk that can increase your symptoms later. Almonds, apples, bananas, and even chewing gum are some household remedies that people report to help ease their symptoms.

It is up to you to figure out what is going to work best to help relieve your heartburn symptoms. However, if you do not deal with it early on, the acid can slowly erode your esophagus and cause you problems later on down the road.